Midsummer Beer Happening - Stonehaven 2016

15TH - 17TH JUNE 2017 Baird Park, Stonehaven


-Beer list 2016-




Scotland six°north BPA Belgian Pale 4.6 Cask
Scotland Tempest White Light Pale 5.0 Cask
Scotland Fallen Chew Chew Stout 6.0 Cask
Scotland Black Isle Yellowhammer Organic Pale 4.0 Cask
Scotland Swannay Orkney Blast IPA 6.0 Cask
Scotland Fyne Auld Alliance IPA 5.5 Cask
Scotland Pilot Orange / Green Orange Peel Pale 5.1 Cask
Scotland Swannay Orkney Porter Imperial Porter 9.0 Cask
Scotland Williams Joker IPA IPA 5.0 Cask
Scotland Cromarty Kowabunga APA 4.6 Cask
Scotland Rothes Rothes Porter Porter 4.0 Cask
Scotland Windswept 1806 Stout 5.0 Cask
Scotland Inveralmond Inkie Pinkie Blond 3.7 Cask
Scotland Orkney Puffin Ale Bitter 4.5 Cask
Scotland Belhaven Howells Tantallon Sunrise Bitter 5.0 Cask
Scotland Stewarts Solas IPA 5.0 Cask
Scotland Cairngorm Trade Winds Pale 4.3 Cask
Scotland Wooha Wooha IPA IPA 6.2 Cask
Scotland Wooha Wooha Wheat Wheat 6.4 Cask
Scotland Harviestoun Summer Legend Easy IPA IPA 3.0 Cask
Scotland Burnside Wild Rhino Blonde 4.5 Cask
Scotland Burnside Stealth Premium Dark Ale 6.0 Cask
Scotland Park Brew Townhead Session IPA IPA 4.4 Cask
Scotland Park Brew Cross Keys 80 /- 4.4 Cask
Scotland Kirrie Ales Fruity Wee Blonde Golden Ale 3.8 Cask
Scotland Kirrie Ales Red from the Shed Irish Red 4.5 Cask
England Black Iris Better The Devil You Know IPA 5.5 Cask
England Bristol Beer Factory Independence US Pale 4.5 Cask
England Black Iris Bleeding Heart Red Rye 4.5 Cask
England Salopian Kashmir Pale 5.5 Cask
England Siren Soundwave IPA 5.6 Cask
England Burning Sky Plateau Pale 3.5 Cask
England Wild Beer Pogo Fruit 4.0 Cask
England Moor Old Freddy Walker Old Ale 7.3 Cask
England Dark Star 6 HOP Hoppy Ale 6.5 Cask
England Red Willow Headless Pale 3.6 Cask
England Thornbridge Jaipur IPA 5.9 Cask
England Redemption Urban Dusk Bitter 4.6 Cask
England Salopian Lemon Dream Wheat 4.5 Cask
England Marble Manchester Bitter Bitter 4.2 Cask
England Burning Sky Aurora APA 5.6 Cask
England Siren/Crooked Stave All Bretts Bretted Pale 4.5 Cask
England Weird Beard Black Perle Stout 3.8 Cask
England Hawkshead Vienna Pilsner 5.0 Cask
England Harbour Light Ale Pale 3.7 Cask
England Arbor Motueka Pale 3.8 Cask
Scotland Thistly Cross Traditional Cider 4.4 Cask
Scotland Thistly Cross Whisky Cider 6.9 Cask


Scotland Thistly Cross Strawberry Fruit Cider 4.0 Keg
Scotland Thistly Cross Elderflower Fruit Cider 4.0 Keg
Scotland Thistly Cross Ginger Fruit Cider 4.0 Keg
England Cornish Orchards Original Cider 5.0 Keg
Scotland six°north Wanderlust Wheat 4.6 Keg
Scotland six°north HopClassic Belgian IPA 6.6 Keg
Scotland six°north Four Saison Saison 6.0 Keg
Scotland six°north Hopocrisy Blonde 4.6 Keg
Scotland six°north Chopper Stout 7.0 Keg
Scotland six°north Tripel Tripel 9.0 Keg


England Almasty Camillo Pale 6.0 Keg
England Alpha State You Happy With You Pale 5.2 Keg
England Arbor Shangri-la Pale 4.2 Keg
England Bad Seed Farmhouse IPA IPA 5.5 Keg
England Beavertown Bloody’ell Orange Pale 7.2 Keg
England Burning Sky L’Hiver Saison 4.2 Keg
England Camden Inner City Green Pilsner 4.0 Keg
England Dark Star Creme Brûlée Stout 5.9 Keg
England Five Points Pale Pale 4.5 Keg
England Howling Hops IPA NO.2 IPA 6.9 Keg
England Moor BA Benny Havens Barley Wine 10.0 Keg
England Redchurch Pillar of Salt Gose 5.2 Keg
England Siren Undercurrent Oatmeal Pale 4.5 Keg
England Kernel Table Beer Table Beer 3.0 Keg
England Thornbridge Lukas Pilsner 4.2 Keg
England Tiny Rebel Sonic Boom IPA 6.8 Keg
England Wild Beer Bibble Pale 4.2 Keg
England Mad Hatter Tzatziki Sour 4.5 Keg
England Northern Monk Eternal Pale 4.1 Keg
Scotland Black Isle US Scotch Scotch 6.8 Keg
Scotland Tempest Long White Cloud Pale 5.6 Keg
Scotland Tempest Face With No Name Smoked Rye 6.0 Keg
Scotland Fallen Grapevine Pale 5.4 Keg
Scotland Black Isle Gold Finch Gluten Free 3.5 Keg


Scotland Swanny Bitter Milk Sweet Oat Stout 5.0 Keg
Scotland Fyne Jarl Pale 5.5 Keg
Scotland Pilot Köln Pilsner 4.0 Keg
Scotland Pilot Vienna Pilsner 4.6 Keg
Scotland Hanging Bat Leap of Giants Belgian IPA 7.2 Keg
Scotland Hanging Bat Space Plankton Table Beer 3.5 Keg
Scotland Black Isle Migrator IPA 7.9 Keg
Scotland West Hefeweizen Hefeweizen 5.2 Keg
Scotland Fierce Lemmy Avit Wheat 5.0 Keg
Scotland Fierce Cranachan Killer Fruit 5.5 Keg
Scotland Cromarty Whiteout White IPA 5.8 Keg
Scotland Cromarty Happy Chappy Golden Ale 4.1 Keg
Scotland Williams New Beginnings Hoppy Blond 4.1 Keg
Scotland Williams Redact Amber 4.4 Keg
Scotland Drygate Ax Man Rye IPA 5.0 Keg
Scotland Brewdog Jet Black Heart (non-nitro) Stout 4.7 Keg


Belgian Dupont Redor Pilsner 5.0 Keg
Belgian Bosteels Karmeliet Tripel Tripel 8.0 Keg
Belgian Lefebvre Barbar Blonde Honey 8.0 Keg
Belgian Van Honsebrouck Kasteel Blonde Blonde 7.0 Keg
Belgian Huyghe Delirium Tremens Devil 8.5 Keg
Belgian Huyghe Delirium Nocturnum Dark Devil 8.5 Keg
Belgian Chimay Triple Triple 8.0 Keg
Belgian Corsendonk Blonde Blonde 6.5 Keg
Belgian Ellezelloise Hercule Stout Stout 9.0 Keg
Belgian Van Eecke Het Kapittel Pater Brune 6.5 Keg
Belgian The Musketeers Troubadour Westkust Stout 9.2 Keg
Belgian Lindemans Cassis Fruit 4.0 Keg
Belgian Bavik Petrus Oud Bruin Oud Bruin 5.5 Keg
Belgian Alvinne/six°north Chain Reaction Morpheus – Sour 5.3 Keg
Belgian Rodenbach Ordinier Flemmish Red 5.2 Keg
Belgian Silly Silly Saison Saison 5.0 Keg
Belgian The Musketeers Troubadour Magma Dry Hopped Blonde 9.0 Keg
Belgian Van Eecke Hommelbier Hop 7.5 Keg
Belgian De Proefbrouwerij Pier Kloeffe Tripel 8.1 Keg
Belgian Bosteels Kwak Amber 8.0 Keg


Belgian St Feuillien Tripel Tripel 8.5 Bottle
Belgian De Dolle Arabier Dry Hop 8.0 Bottle
Belgian Bavik Petrus Tripel D’or Tripel 7.5 Bottle
Belgian Duvel Moortgat Maredsous 10 Tripel 10.0 Bottle
Belgian Silly Abbaye de Forrest Tripel 6.5 Bottle
Belgian Van Eecke Het Kapittel Prior Brune 9.0 Bottle
Belgian Abbaye des Rocs Brune Brune 9.0 Bottle
Belgian Du Bocq Moine Tripel 7.5 Bottle
Belgian La Binchoise Belgoo Bioloo Amber 7.8 Bottle
Belgian Haccht Charles Quint Blonde 8.5 Bottle
Belgian De Bie Hellekapelle Blonde 5.0 Bottle
Belgian Gruut Blonde Blonde 5.5 Bottle
Belgian Malheur Malheur 6 Blonde 6.0 Bottle
Belgian Silly Enghien Blonde 7.5 Bottle
Belgian Slaghmuylder Witkap Stimulo Blonde 6.0 Bottle
Belgian Verhaeghe Barbe D’or Blonde 7.5 Bottle
Belgian Lefebvre Saison 1900 Saison 5.4 Bottle
Belgian Palm Brugge Tripel Tripel 8.7 Bottle
Belgian Roman Ename Tripel Tripel 8.5 Bottle
Belgian Van Honsebrouck Kasteel Blonde Blonde 7.0 Bottle
Belgian Van Steenberge Augustijn Grand Cru Amber 9.0 Bottle
Belgian Strubbe Dikke Mithile Amber 6.0 Bottle
Belgian Duvel Moortgat Vedett Extra White Wheat 4.7 Bottle
Belgian Liefmans Liefmans Oud Bruin Oud Bruin 5.0 Bottle

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Thanks to our Sponsors

The Beer Happening doesn't just happen, if you'll pardon the pun.

It couldn't go on without the hard work of the volunteers who put it together, man the pumps and look after you while you are here. Our thanks to them and to the sponsors and organisations who supported us.

They all make it possible for us to say to you, "Welcome to the Happening and cheers."

Robert Lindsay Organiser

  • sixnorth
  • The Bay
  • Bike Remedy
  • Boundary Creative
  • Harviestoun
  • Muir Motors
  • Stonehaven Cycling Club
Midsummer Beer Happening – Stonehaven 2017